Camden D. Hearn



Professional Statement




The focus of the ECSU TeraGRID team for the Summer of 2007 is to setup a documentation platform for a Condor-based GRID to be established at Elizabeth City State University. This documentation platform will be a Linux based web sever that will utilize Web 2.0 standards to create a virtual documentation web portal. Grid computing itself is the creation of a "virtual supercomputer" by using a network of geographically dispersed computers. In order to create such a network infrastructure, documentation is critical to communicate with the users, and the maintainers of the systems.

The web server will utilize an Ubuntu Linux kernel with an Apache web server, a MySQL Database, a PHP scripting package, and a Media Wiki web interface. This particular setup is called a LAMP server. LAMP is the acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP which are all open source applications. The combination of these LAMP applications allow Media Wiki to function.

Once installed, the documentation server will be utilized to first display the information on how to create the document server. The documentation server will then later be used to document how to setup a Condor-based GRID system.

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