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Professional Statement

Every since I can remember, I have always considered Mathematics to be my favorite subject. So naturally when choosing my major, I went for what I enjoyed. I am a student-athlete at Winston-Salem State University where being apart of the STEM program is held in prestige. I compete in cross country, indoor, and outdoor track where I am striving towards a Nike contract. I currently hold a 3.6 overall grade point average, and possess strong aspirations of obtaining my bachelor’s degree with a 3.8 grade point average. After undergrad, I plan to continue my education and achieve my doctorate’s degree. I would like to use my degrees to carry out research in the field of mathematical sciences.

I am extremely curious about what more the mathematics field has to offer. Of course there is your teaching profession, but what else is there to do with this broad field? With this question in mind, I chose to accept the Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) Internship at Elizabeth City State University.

This internship is designed to conduct team research on ocean and marine sciences. There are approximately twelve undergraduate students all divided into groups of three’s and four’s onto different teams. My team is researching and enhancing an existing video game which is going to be used for future projects. The purpose is to educate young students on the Polar Regions including the many challenges that scientists face. In developing this game, the team is specifying, designing, implementing, and testing the software. Some of the programs that the team has applied are C++, VC++ Express 2005 Edition compiler, and Microsoft Platform SDK (Software Development Kit). In upgrading this game, we began with a pre-existing game. From there, we decided that by improving the graphics with rational graphics would enrich it with a realistic perspective. We are using the 2007 CReSIS Middle School Program as human subjects because testing is significant in credibility.

This advantageous internship has intensified my professional growth to another level. It has taught me valuable skills that are beneficial for graduate school that will greatly prepare me for a career in research. Throughout the URE summer internship, I have been exposed to new and creative cutting edge ideas that will result in expanding my mathematical views. This particular summer adventure has compelled me to keep driving toward my goals. This experience in combination with others, are minute steps that I am climbing in my voyage to success. I am going to persist in taking rigorous courses and continue to broaden my horizon so that I become a well rounded individual with a variety of professional assets.