Final Report (PDF)



The purpose of this reasearch was to create a virtual dashboard to be able to remotely view data from the polar robot out in the field.  This research was performed because it is important to have something to allow various users a way to know what is happening around the rover without having to be physically placed in the harsh environment,

Location of Research:

This research took place at the University of Kansas, where the robot was originally created.  It was best to perform this research in the area because it aided in the gathering of what was wanted on the virtual dashboard and what the robot was already capable of doing.

General Procedures to Obtain Results:

This research started with having to create various conceptual designs to determine which one would offer the best view without the feeling of clutter. Once the best conceptual design was chosen, it was necessary to learn the Java programming language through various books and tutorials.  That knowledge was then applied to various Integrated Desktop Environments (IDE) to find which one would be able to fulfill the requirements.  With the proper IDE chosen, the actually design of the applet was implemented and resembles closely to the original design concept of having a first-person view of the polar robot.