Elizabeth City State University

Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean, Marine, and Polar Science 2010
Elizabeth City State University
Elizabeth City, North Carolina
Mentor: Je'aime Powell

Multimedia Team 2009-2010 Undergraudate Research Experience

The Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) Undergraduate Research Multimedia Team of 2009-2010 focused on numerous fields, which included installations of content management systems, inquiring results, and web utilization.

This research team chose four open-source systems to install based on their accepted usage in social networking communities. The installations were evaluated as to their simplicity in installation and failures that were encountered during the installations. If the installation was a success, the team completed the initial tutorial to evaluate the usability.

NSF-Watershed Watch 2009
“Influences of Shoreline Changes, Rock Types, Hurricanes, and Elevation on Pre-Contact Chowan Indian Culture”.
Our objective was to find the causes of the Chowan Indians disappearance, climate changes, land elevation and their means of survival.