Professional Statement

My name is Matravia Seymore I am currently a sophomore attending Elizabeth City State University. The major that I have chosen is Computer Science.

Currently, I am an active member of the Center of Excellence Remote Sensing Education and Research Program (CERSER) under the advisement of Dr. Linda Hayden. CERSER has given me the opportunity to participate in a Distinguished Lecture, assistance with obtaining an internship, and educational support. This spring I had the opportunity to go the University of New Hampshire to present my research from Watershed Watch. The title of our research was “Influences of Shoreline Changes, Rock Types, Hurricanes, and Elevation on Pre-Contact Chowan Indian Culture”. Our objective was to find the causes of the Chowan Indians disappearance, climate changes, land elevation and their means of survival.

During the spring of 2009-2010, I had the opportunity to participate in research focused on gathering Internet forms. We researched the implementation of forms and data retrieval for the CERSER project. I am currently taking research in Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean, Marine and Polar Science at Elizabeth City State University.

In today’s society education is a must for all students who want to further their life and experience wonderful opportunities. After I graduate, I plan to further my education by obtaining my Master’s degree followed by my Ph.D. in Computer Science. In the near future I hope to work for a successful computer company that will allow me to perform my skills and help create educational software for our next generation.