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Mentor: Dr. Darnell Johnson
Anthony Meadows || Ya'Shonti Bridgers || Courtney Farmer || Alicia Reynolds
Jessica Hathaway || Rashida Williams || Briana Williams
Title: Successful Transition from Math Eight to Math I

North Carolina adopted the North Carolina Common Core State Standards (NCCCSS) in K-12 Mathematics and K-12 English Language Arts on June 2, 2010 that were released by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers. With the adoption of these state-led education standards, North Carolina is in the first group of states to embrace clear and consistent goals for learning to prepare children for success in college and work. Under the Mathematics Standards, Math I, commonly known as Algebra I, is considered the gatekeeper for students who are college or career ready. There is a significant need to encourage and prepare a higher percentage of minority and non-traditional high school students to pursue careers in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) on a national level. High school freshman from schools the twenty-one county region that falls under the school divisions assigned to Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) consistently perform poorly in Math I on the End of Course (EOC) state test annually. This team will seek to examine the challenges to be overcome by eighth grade students to be successful on the Math I state assessment taken at the conclusion of their first semester in five high schools located in three selected school divisions that are in close proximity to ECSU. The Math Team will focus on the skills of North Carolina students that are required to successfully transition from Math 8 to Math I in the North Carolina Common Core Standards for Mathematics.

Key Words: North Carolina Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (NCCCSS), End of Course Tests, STEM