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In summary, the Polar Grid team concluded that the permanent installation of a Condor-based test cluster was a success. But, the implementation must be done on the native Operating System, Solaris. It was found that Ubuntu on a Sun Microsystem with Condor is not compatible. This was evident when the source code compiler produced the error message ”incompatible platform.” This was because the Linux sparc processor was not supported. Solaris, the Java based Graphical User Interface, supported Sparc and X86/64 processors. Moreover, it was compatible with Condor. The network topography was the initial step in this project because space had to be allocated for the members to work in. The naming scheme assisted with proper setup and prevented unnecessary mix-ups. Understanding the user’s needs was part of the user management portion of the project. What proved to be most exigent was the compatibility issues the team faced. This involved the transitioning between the Ubuntu and Solaris platforms.