The Center of excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research, here at Elizabeth city state university is devoted to is to developing and implementing innovative and relevant research collaboration focused on ice sheet, coastal, ocean, and marine research

This is an informational site that has information to help you to decide if Linux is right for your server room, as well as compare Linux to Windows.

This site explains the advantages of energy saving, and how you can incorperate such an environment in your server room.

An untinterruptable power ensures servers run unphased even during the loss of power. One requirement of this is having enough power to continue normal operation, this calculates just that.
APC Provides power solutions for applications ranging from home and office, to enterprise leve projects.
Patent Storm

This website provides a brief description of a computer room air conditioning (CRAC). This is also the website were you can access the abstract for the modeling of the first crac. The website also offers several links that you are able to follow to obtain more specifics about the units.

Cooling zone

This shows diagrams depicting how CRAC units work.

North American Access Technologies is a division of experts that specialize in making data centers around the United States.  This network of experts have came through with a breakthrough in cooling computer rooms. It is called in-row cooling technology. Click on the link to get more information

CRAC unit manufacturer Liebert, delivers power, cooling and monitoring technologies that protect business-critical systems. Liebert customers include every company in the FORTUNE 500 and thousands of other large, mid-sized and small enterprises that depend on Liebert technology.