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In the past businesses and researching institutes alike would spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on supercomputers to compress data for satellite imagery. Intel xeon, blade servers, and fault tolerance were terms and technologies often taken into account when purchasing such necessities, however in the current century new technologies have outdated such expensive investments.

PolarGrid is a technology that links together multiple independent computers, to balance the load of a single highly intensive task. This new technology removes the need to squander funds on larger more expensive machines. Continuing, we will install Condor on the computers in Lane Hall to achieve this task. With Condor installed on the computers available in Lane Hall we will be able to connect to the PolarGrid already put in place by other pioneering institutions.

Video Teleconferencing
Along with this technology staying in contact with other institutions involved in this project is of up most importance. Yet telephone communication is an outdated way of communication. The new wave of technological connectivity is video teleconferencing. Video teleconferencing is the act of having a verbal conversation over the telephone while streaming real-time video, between both parties involved. This is made possible by Polycom of all types.