Lee Smalls Jr.


Professional Statement


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I am Lee Smalls Jr, an independent male that society has helped form into a prosperous person. I am a first-year undergraduate student at Elizabeth City State University with computer science as my major with a minor in GIS Remote Sensing. Following graduating from high school, I knew that I would be attending college. I just didn’t know which college it would be; at last, I heard about Elizabeth City State University, and l became extremely fascinated with the campus and the administrators that helped me craft my final judgment. After graduating from this University, I plan to go to graduate school and get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, which will unlock the entry to numerous other career opportunities, particularly The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

My short-term goals within the next two years are to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science and a Minor Geographic Information Systems with no financial hardships. Within these up and coming years I would like to obtain a fellowship to pursue my Master’s. My long-term goals within the next five to ten years and obtain a Ph. D. In the field of Computer Science and Information Systems


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