Whether you believe it or not, computers have become on of the most innovative products used in our everyday lives. Greetings, my name is Bryce Lennon Carmichael and I am a sophomore Computer Science major with a minor in GIS Remote Sensing at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. As an undergraduate research student under Dr. Linda Hayden, I have learned more about the computer science field with the help of this scholarship program. It is my desire to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and advance my career in the computer science industry by partaking in internships as well as research projects. Computers make up a large portion of who I am today. Thus, being in a career field that I would love to work in each and everyday would make my life easier as well as more pleasant knowing that by the end of each day I will have learned something new.
        Upon graduation in 2009, I wish to become gainfully employed in the computer science industry by designing or implementing computer technology that influences and shapes our every day world. As computer technology continues to change each and every day, I plan to utilize every educational opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and training needed to make me a confident, reputable employee in the workforce world after graduating from your institution of higher learning. my personal goal is to complete my bachelor’s degree with intentions of pursuing a master’s degree and a doctorate relating to the computer science field in the North Carolina area.
        So far, my research experiences have taken place during both the academic school year and the summer session. During the second semester of my freshman year, I was placed on the UNIX team which was mentored by Christopher Edwards. During the spring semester, our team presented our project entitled “The Impact on Students learning open source software to Analyze TCP Traffic.” Our team used a passive network discovery to fingerprint vulnerabilities within Ethernet broadcast frames. During the summer of 2006, I received my first internship at the University of Kansas. Cheniece Arthur and I were on the Robotic Simulation team under the mentoring of Dr. Sivaprasad Gogineni and Dr. Arvin Agah. The title of our project was entitled, “Robotic Formations.” Our research involved the assimilation and development of robotics that deploy and retrieve seismic sensors in order to prevent global warming.
        Since first semester of my freshman year, I have attended two major conferences, both ran by the National Technical Association’s (NTA) National Conference and Technical Career Opportunity Fair. The first conference I attended began on September 29, 2005 and all the attendees stayed at the Hilton Houston Post Oak hotel in Houston, Texas. There, I meet other students from schools that reported their interesting research projects from the summer. The second conference was held on July 29, 2006 which was located in Chicago, IL. At the conference, my partner and I received third place for an undergraduate researcher’s award for our summer internship project.
        As I embark on my upcoming future educational endeavors, I look forward to increasing my knowledge in the field of computers and accomplishing one more of my educational goals, a degree in computer science and a minor in GIS/Remote Sensing. I would feel honored and would strive to meet all expectations, when I graduate from Elizabeth City State University in 2009.