The University of Kansas
CReSIS Undergraduate Intern
Depeartment of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Mentors: Dr. Sivaprasad Gogineni and Dr. Arvin Agah
The Developement and Assimilation of Robots Using a 3d Animation Program for the Antarctic and Greenland Coast to Help Detect Global Warming

Team Abstract:

Using simulation to test robot formation and shape change is beneficial in terms of time and money. This paper discusses robot model design and testing in the Webots mobile robot simulation software package. The motivation for this research involves forming evenly-spaced grid patterns with a team of mobile robots for future use in seismic imaging. A team of robots is incrementally designed and tested by incorporating sensors and altering each robot's controller. Challenges encountered throughout the process as well as design issues are discussed. Attention was given for each robot to travel efficiently from one location to the next. Simulation images of robot details and shape transformations are displayed as results of this research.