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Statement of Purpose

I am currently enrolled, as a sophomore, at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) working towards my Bachelors degree, with a major in geology. Though I have many interests outside this disciplines such as, biology, ecology, anthropology, and literature, I have found that my true fascination is in the workings of the earth more so than with its inhabitant. The questions of how and why have always plagued my mind rather than who and where. I completed my freshmen year with a 4.0 GPA which I expect to maintain through the next few semesters.

Most recently I was able to take part in a summer internship with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) based out of the University of Southern California (USC). My work with DHS was primarily as a researcher on a socio-economic study under the supervision of my professor Dr. Lloyd Mitchell Ph.D. MS MPH. RS. The results of our study where well accepted and it was recommended that our study be continued.

During my freshmen year I joined the office of naval research (ONR) program it was within this program that I first worked with Dr Mitchell. In the ONR program student members are arranged into groups based on their fields of study to take on the task of a research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Last semester my research team worked with debris flow data from Mt. St. Helens that had previously gone unanalyzed. The result of our project was an analysis and collation of debris flow and rain fall data, collected from monitors stations on the slopes of Mount St. Helens, into an easily referenced, an expandable database of possible seismic events. I have renewed my contract with the ONR program and will be taking part in a research project through them this semester, along side my continued project working with the DHS. Also this semester I have joined an oceanographic research team under Dr. Kathleen Phisher. This project is an analysis of sediment and subaquatic vegitation, taken from key point within the currituck sound.

Before coming to ECSU I attended a two year program through the ECPI College of technology. At ECPI, I studied electrical engineering and computer networking. Using Microsoft application prior to windows XP, I learned to configure and connect computers into LAN and internet based networks. The majority of the program at ECPI was devoted to electrical design and repair of both analog and digital circuitry to the component level. My GPA throughout this program was 3.43. Upon completion of the program, I received an AAS in biomedical Instrumentation, and was certified by the Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) as a journeyman technician. I was the only member of my graduating class to receive the journeyman's certification and one of only four to receive certification.

This mixed background of technical skill and aptitude in research has aided me throughout my college experience, but it is my love of Knowledge and belief in the diversity of the mind that will allow me to grow.