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     At age three my grandmother enrolled me in Genesis One Christian Private School. This school was known for its academic success and introduced their students to math and reading in nursery four. I was intrigued by putting things together and getting one answer. Thus this opened and wide world for me and the more I learned about numbers the more I wanted to learn.
   I learned about the summer internship program at Elizabeth City State University from students on the campus who had been involved in the program at one time. The more the students talked about their experiences and all that they had learned the more interested it sounded and the more intrigued I became. I finally decided to inquire as to what the program was about and once it was explained to me I decided that this was something that I wanted to do. I have always been up for a challenge and this sounded like a good learning experience and maybe even an adventure. But moreover my summer would be one that provided both a learning experience and an adventure. Even though I was still a little bit apprehensive I decided to approach my department chair to discuss the possibility of getting into the program. After several discussions the department chair we decided that this would be a beneficial experience for me and it provide me with an enriching summer of knowledge and a rewarding experience. The necessary paperwork was completed and I was accepted.
       While in the program I am furthering my research abilities in mathematics by improving my problem solving and critical thinking skills. This is being done by engaging in the projects within the program. The Watershed Watch and learning Linux Language are the projects that have been introduced thus far.
        The Watershed Watch project provided the opportunity to gather revealing data that will tell the type density of the vegetation found in the area. In the research conducted the study looked at the relationship between deciduous canopy and NDVI values gathered by the Landsat 7 participates. During the Watershed Watch project I was introduced to the hands on methods of science by participating in a study of the Pasquotank River Watershed in North Carolina during a two week summer project. This research allowed students to use a wide range of methods that included the testing of water quality and satellite imagery analysis that studied both the aquatic and terrestrial parts of the entire watershed.  Studying the watershed provided the opportunity to learn the aspects of scientific fieldwork and data analysis and the human and societal impacts on the watershed. Participates are given wide-ranging hands-on experiences that will motivate inquiry-based learning and where participates are actively involved in answering real questions that lead to an improved understanding of the role watershed play in natural systems and the societal impacts on and the benefits derived from watersheds. The Linux Language was introduced by the use of MacIntosh OS-X and The Dreamweaver application and the Adobe Photoshop.
        After graduation from Mississippi Valley State University, I will further my education by entering a graduate school to obtain a Master’s degree of Mathematics. This will allow me to further my education in Applied Mathematics,or Biomathematics.