February 25, 2005
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Student Research Posters

Student Research Poster Presentations
Student Research Poster Presentations
Student Research Poster Presentations  
Student Research Posters

On the final day of Research Week over 30 students made poster presentations in the Jenkins Science Center . Subjects included geology, biology, aviation, remote sensing, fisheries, and various other topics. A full listing of the students and their topics can be found below.

Danielle C. Graves, Applied Mathematics, SR
Science, Settlement, and Remote Sensing: Locating the Remains of the Lost Colony in NE North Carolina

Felicia Vann, Biology, SR
Study of The Role of Nuclear pore Complex Protein NUP 107 in Eukaryotic Transcription

LaShana R. Chambers, Biology, FR
Production of Viable Protoplasts from Hibiscus sp. Callus Culture

Adreene L. Wilson, Biology, JR
Identification of a Rhizoid Bacterium from a 24-hour Biofilm

Kaleena L. Green, Biology/Pre-Den, SO
Inheritance Studies of the Introduced Genes (nptII and gus) in Transgenic Tobacco Plants

Salimah Cogbill, Biology/Pre-Med, SO
The Effect of an Intron in the Gus Gene on Transient Expression in Calli of the Rapid-Cycling Fast Plants

Gieira Jones, Biology/Pre-Med, FR
Optimization of Target Pressure after Bombardment of Leaves of Rapid-Cycling Fast Plants

Travis L Faulcon, Biology/Pre-Med, SO
The Minimum Concentration of DNA Necessary to Produce Transient GUS Expression in Tobacco Leaf Explants

Kevin E. Moore, Chemistry, SR
Effect of Zimbabwe ’s Medicinal Plant Extract #010601 on Caspase-3

Anthony M. Anderson, Computer Science, JR
Correlations between Right Whale Distribution and Sea Surface Temperature

Karitsa G. Williams, Computer Science, JR
The Effects of Wind Speed and Direction on Both Sea Surface Temperature and Strandings of Harbor Porpoise

Napoleon C. Paxton, Computer Science, SR
Determining the Maximum Depth of Seagrass Beds along the Southern Outer Banks

Jerome E. Mitchell, Computer Science, SO
UML Class Diagrams of PRISM Multi-Agent Subsystem Using XML and FIPA

Jeffrey A. Wood, Computer Science/AVI Sci., SR
SAFE-Flight 21

Vara S. Powell, Computer Science/AVI Sci., SR
Remotely Piloted Vehicles

Asani D. Brewton, Geology, SR
Upper Devonian Paleoecology and Biostratigraphy at Elkins , West Virginia

Brian Campbell, Geology, FR
Art and the Evolution of the Geological Map

Sean Kaldahl, Geology, JR
Geological CO2 Sequestrian Presentation

John T. Crossland, Marine Enviro. Sci./Marine Bio., FR
The Role of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

Shanna S. Chambliss, Marine Environmental Science, SR
Establishing a Herbarium of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation at Elizabeth City State University

Cleantha D. Samuel, Marine Environmental Science, SR
Assessing Minority Students’ Comprehensive Knowledge of Diamonds: The Worldwide Geologic Sources, Availability, Values, and Marketing

Shakira D. Turner, Marine Environmental Science, JR
North Carolina Aquariums

Brandi Brehon, Mathematics, SO
NOAA Fishery Stock Assessment Research and Stock Modeling

Johnithan G. White, Pharmaceutical Science, JR,
Effect of Zimbabwe’s Medicinal Plant Extract #970704 on Caspase-3

Erica Pinkney, Physics, SO
The Spatial and Temporal Variability of the NW Gulf of Mexico

Marcos J. Fabio, Physics, SR
Characterizing Optical Properties of PLZT (9165I135) Material

Rahim M. Helms, Technology, SR
Applications of Carbon Fiber Composites for Heat Transfer

Kenneth P. McCoy, Aviation Science, JR
Weight and Balance

Don M. Morring, Biology, SR
Superoxide Dismutase in Two Species of Parasitic Protozoans

Joshua P. Lorthridge, Biology, FR
Geldanamycin - Mediated Increases in Superoxide Dismutase Activity


Student Research Poster Presentations
Student Research Poster Presentations
Student Research Poster Presentations

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