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Women in Mathematics - Cheers
Bertie High School   Hertford County High School
The Falcons are here and
We’re so smart
We show you how to solve geometry, calculus, trigonometry.
Can you find the limit of infinity
Y= mx+b
Math Don’t stop! Hey Hey
You’ve got to work it out
Don’t stop. Get up and solve
Math, work it out
Work it out (x4)
Math, work it out

Math squad get it get it
Math squad just solve it
Math squad get it get it
Don’t stop, solve it

  We are the real math squad, math squad
If you’re going to try us go hard, sit down, relax, enjoy the show because the realist have stepped in your presence you know.

Are you ready?
Are you ready for Math?
Don’t stop!
Work it out, don’t stop, work it out
Put a little math in it
Work it ladies, you can do it (2z)

Who’s in the house?
Math House.
You know it’s a Math house
ECSU you know it’s a math show!

Plymouth High School   Hertford County High School Lady Bears
Because we love mathematics
Because we rock mathematics M-A-T-H (x3)


We love math oh yes we do,
That’s why today we came to ECSU,
To compete and do what men do,
Oh yes cause women can do too, (3x’s)

There’s no competition,
Like a math competition,
Hey hey we love math at,

Perquimans County Middle School   River Road Middle School
Hey students!
Do you really math? Woo!
Hey students!
Do you really like math?
Come on rock that math way
Hey students! Do you really like math? Woo!
  “I tell all my girls
add it up,
break it down,
sum it up
multiply, multiply (x2)
R-R-M-S (x4) 1,2,3, who are you with?
Gates County High School    
We come through we divide and we add
(we add, we add)
We milly rock and we dab
So sit back and just watch where its at 
GC lets do it, GC you knew it
Women in math that’s where its at (x3)

Women in math
That’s who we are
We’re not held back
We’re going far
You won’t believe, what we can do
When we put our minds to it, we’ll show you

W-O-M-E-N   M-A-T-H (x3)

CWM 2012