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ECSU Student Poster Presentations

On the final day of Research Week over 200 students from area middle schools were made welcome to a presentation of ECSU student research poster presentations in the Student Union Center. Presentations were also given by NASA and funded programs at Elizabeth City State University.

Research subjects included geology, biology, aviation, remote sensing, fisheries, and various other topics. A full listing of the research students and their topics can be found below.

Undergraduate Students

  • Shanta Armwood, Junior, Chemistry - Effects of E. latissima Flavonoids on Caspase-3
  • LaShana Chambers, Sophomore, Biology - Electroporation vs. Baculovirus Infection of Bacmid DNA in Cultured Spodoptera frugiperda Cells (SF9)
  • Salimah Cogbill, Junior, Biology - Shoot Regeneration from Cotyledons of Rapid-Cycling Fast Plants
  • Travis Faulcon, Junior, Biology - Optimization of Biolistic Parameters in Echinacea purpurea
  • Jacqueline Gibbs, Senior, Biology - The Role of NUP107 SiBNA and Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors on MDA Breast Cancer Cells
  • Chastity Cherry, Junior, Chemistry - GC/MS Analysis of Atrazine Northeast North Carolina Waters
  • Krystal Johnson, Sophomore, Biology - Coastal Fisheries and Wildlife Habitat Research Portal
  • Gieira Jones, Sophomore, Biology - Transformation of Crithidia ricardoi with pNUS-GFPH Plasmid
  • Kenneth McCoy, Senior, Aviation Science - High Wing vs. Low Wing Configurations
  • Jerome Mitchell, Junior, Computer Science - Using Ensemble Learning for Detecting Data Abnormities in Databases
  • Erica Pinkney, Junior, Physics - Diffusion Doping of Cr2+ and Fe2+ in ZuSe for a Potential Mid-Infrared Laser
  • Demetrius Rorie, Senior, Computer Science - Autonomous Ground Vehicle (AGV) Project
  • Joaquin Victor, Junior, Biology - Stable-Isotope Probing with a Mixture of Phenanthrene and Pyrene to Elucidate Substrate Preferences of Uncultivated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon-Degrading Bacteria
  • Stacy Ann Webb, Sophomore, Marine Env Science - Spatial Technologies in Support of Coastal Habitat Research
  • Johnithan White, Senior, Chemistry - Effects of African Medicinal Plant Products on Caspase-3 as Potential Therapeutics for Prostate Cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease

Graduate Students

  • Kevin Jones - Applied Math - A Chaotic Circuit and its Dynamics
  • Eunice Smith - Applied Math - Modeling Action Potentials of Neurons

Other Research Students

  • Sara Clayton, Freshman
  • Brandon Jones, Senior, Aviation Science
  • Willie Brown, Senior, Aviation Science
  • Tashanna Mobley, Junior, Biology
  • Vandalyn Moore, Junior, Biology
  • Sigalle Green, Junior, Chemistry
  • Anthony Anderson, Senior, Computer Science
  • Sharain Halmon, Sophomore, Geology
  • Elliott Owen, Fresh, Marine Biology
  • Stephanie Kudyba, Senior, Marine Env. Science
  • Amber Eure, Senior, Marine Env. Science
  • Jovon Squire, Fresh, Marine Env. Science
  • Ronnie Campbell, Marine Env. Science
  • Shakira Turner, Senior, Marine Env. Science

Hands on Math, Science, and Technology Exhibits

  • NASA - Return to the Moon
  • NASA - Space Shuttle Discovery - Touch Kiosk
  • NASA - Space Pilot - Cutout Display
  • VASC - Space Freeze & Earth’s Atmospheric Gases
  • Technology - Wind Tunnel
  • CERSER - Math of the Great Dismal Swamp


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