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Guest Speaker - Johnny L. Houston, Ph.D. - Tuesday, February 7

On Tuesday Dr. Johnny Houston, Director of the Computational Science - Scientific Visualization Center (CSSV Center), presented a lecture entitled: “The Computational Science and Scientific Visualization Associated with the Human Genome Project”.

Dr. Houston has held the position of Senior Research Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) since 1988. He also holds the positions of Program Director of ECSU’s African Studies Program and the position of Executive Secretary-Emeritus of NAM. Previously, he served ECSU for four years as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. He has given scholarly presentations nationally and internationally. Among other note-worthy accomplishments, he is the author of several publications.

B.A. degree from Morehouse College [1964]
M.S. degree from (Clark) Atlanta University [1966]
Ph.D. degree from Purdue University [1974]
U. of Georgia [Sum-1969]
Universite de Strasbourg in France [1966-67]
(All degrees in the field of mathematics)

For his contributions and services, he has received several honors and awards; including an endowed annual award in his name at Fort Valley State (University) [1997], NAM’s Lifetime Achievement Award [January 15, 1999], and the QEM Teaching Excellence Award [2002].

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