Survey to Detect long-term Variability in Pine Island Bay Coastal Ice using archived Landsat Imagery
Members: Michael Jefferson,Ryan Lawerence, Glenn Koch, and Ya'Shonti Bridgers
Mentor: Dr. Malcolm LeCompte

Validation of the 2003 Antartic Groundling Line through the use of ENVI
Members: Joyce Bevins, Robyn Evans, Micheal Jefferson, and Ryan Lawerence
Mentor: Dr. Malcolm LeCompte

Determining the Antarctic Ice Sheet Grounding Line with Photoclinometry using LANDSAT Imagery and ICESat Laser Altimetry Team
Members: Jamika Baltrop MyAsia Reid
Mentor: Malcolm LeCompte

Temporal Reduction of the Ice Shelf in Pine Island Bay Antarctica: 1972 - 2003
Members: Ya'shonti Bridgers, Jessica Brownlow, Kirsten Hawk
Mentor: Dr. Malcolm LeCompte