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Welcome to the Elizabeth City State University Mathematical and Computer Science Department Alumni News Website. The Alumni News features some of the alumni who have become stars in their respective fields.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers B.S. Degree programs in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computer and Information Sciences. Students who are planning to teach high school and/or middle school mathematics should minor in Secondary and/or Middle Grades Education.

The Department also offers minors in mathematics, computer science, statistics, applied mathematics and airway science. The airway science minor prepares students for careers in aviation as air traffic controllers, aviation service managers, computer researchers and other aviation oriented professions in government and private industry. Also, the Department offers a second major option in Mathematics for Education Majors who are required to have a second major.

The Department offers general education courses in College Algebra and Pre-Calculus. It also provides students with experience, knowledge and skills in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Computer and Information Sciences with courses above the General Education Core.

The Department has designed its curriculum to achieve the following objectives:

1. To develop in all students proficiency in mathematical thinking and reasoning;

2. To assist all students in developing computer literacy including skills needed to use a microcomputer and computer software;

3. To prepare students who major in mathematics and minor in Secondary and/or Middle Grades Education to teach mathematics in the public and private schools;

4. To prepare students who major in mathematics, applied mathematics or computer and information sciences for entry-level positions in industry; multinational corporations, scientific establishments, and federal, state and local government; and

5. To prepare students for graduate studies in mathematics, statistics, applied mathematics, computer and information sciences and mathematics education.

Students majoring in Computer Science or Mathematics have numerous career opportunities available to them as system analysts, programmers, system designers, system administrators, mathematicians, statisticians, and high and/or middle school mathematics teachers.

It is strongly recommended that prospective students contact the office of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science as soon as possible. It is best to begin planning early so that courses can be taken in the proper sequence.

The ONR/NSA Research Laborator is located in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department in the Lester Hall Building. The ONR/NSA Research Laboratory facilitates two divisional computer laboratories. One division laboratory consists of 20 Silicon Graphics Unix Workstations loaded with the IRIX 6.5.6 operating system. All student researchers have NIS Server Accounts to use these machines.

We secured an area in our laboratory to hold remote videoconferences with NASA headquarters and other NASA research and training sites. Our videoconference facility includes an Intel Team Station videoconference system which employs both H.320 ISDN and H.323 TCP/IP videoconferencing standards. Three ISDN BRI switched digital circuits allows up to 384 kbps of bandwidth for the H.320 mode.

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