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Professional Statement

As far back as I can remember education has been the top priority within my family. Memories always come into mind of my older sister sitting me in front of a chalk board, teaching me how to read and write. Ever since then I have tried to live up to my own as well as other people's expectations to the absolute best that I can.

Currently, I'm a sophomore majoring in Biology at Saint Augustine’s College in Raleigh, North Carolina. As of today, I hold a 4.0 GPA. I am currently a participant in the 2007 summer Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) at Elizabeth City State University.

My first experience in Marine Biology was in high school.At Sheepshaed Bay High School, I followed a law based curriculum. I was the only sophomore in a class filled with juniors and seniors. I had a lot of fun learning about aquatic life and I had the highest grades in the class. That is when I began to shift away from law and more into science.

I was first approached by my teacher, Head of the Natural Sciences Department Dr. Mark Melton.I expressed to him my goals take up marine biology in graduate school and become a marine biologist. My plans for the summer were to review my notes form freshman year. Dr. Melton then recomended U.R.E..

The Undergraduate Research Experience gives students the oppurtunity to gain internship experience.A student gains knowledge in the use of Microsoft Windows, HTML, Dream Weaver, and FireWorks. In addition, you are also given the chance to become certified in CPR and first-aid along with learning how to swim. Finally, you are matched with a mentor. My mentor is Dr. Jinchun Yuan who a Director of Research at ECSU.

In this program I will learn how to design my own website, create a powerful resume, work along side some of the greatest minds of today, and make new friends along the way.My plans for the future are to become involved with other internships as well as go to graduate school. It can be accomplshed as long as I stay focused.