I became interested in computer and mathematics in elementary school. How they them go hand in hand amazed me. Through middle school and high school years I wanted to learn everything about math and computers. I became more interested in them as I continued to grow in life, and that desire has not decreased over the years.

Graduating from high school opened new roads in my life. Knowing that the skills of computer and mathematic would be useful in my everyday life motivated me. I completed my first year at Mississippi Valley State University; majoring in computer science.

Now I am participating in the Undergraduate Research Experience at Elizabeth City State University. That desire has not decreased over the years. Being in the Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) program allows you to meet new people and learn new things.

The objective of this research project is to enhance an existing video game that not only pertains to entertainment, but is also informative. Its purpose is to educate young students on earth’s Polar Regions including challenges that scientists face. The game’s in doing research in that harsh environment. To developing this game, the team is specifying, designing, implementing, and testing the software. Some of the programs that the team has applied are C++, VC++ Express 2005 Edition compiler, and Microsoft Platform SDK (Software Development Kit). Conducting this research and creating this game will help us to evolve into fluent programmers and software engineers while providing an educational resource to students.

I look forward to working with Dr. Arvin Agah and Mr. Tushar Majithia again next summer in the Undergraduate Research Experience program and continuing the game’s development.