Professional Statement

My name is Andrea Grumbles. I will be a senior at Elizabeth City State University, fall 2007. I am working toward my Bachelor of Science. My major is Computer Science and my minor is Computer Networking. Currently my GPA is 3.7 out of 4.0.

Since my grandparents bought their first computer with Internet access I have been interested in computers. My knowledge of computers and the Internet grew throughout middle and high school years. In high school, I learned Microsoft Office and HTML basics. Many HTML coding I learned on my own time.

During my three years at college, I have been introduced to C/C++, Pascal, Java, Ada, and Assembly Language. I have programmed in C/C++ and Assembly Language. I look forward to learning more languages in my final undergraduate year and in graduate school. Now, going into my last year of undergraduate study at ECSU, I am happy with how I handled my classes and professionalism with my professors. Many professors are always happy to give a more descriptive explanation. Some of my professors I have had the pleasure to learn from are: Dr. Darnell Johnson, Dr. Martha Furlong, Mr. Antonio Rook, and Mr. Tushar Majithia.

This summer I was accepted by Dr. Linda Hayden to participate in the URE program at ECSU. I was very excited to have the opportunity to work on research pertaining to my career field. My team was TeraGRID and consisted of five people.  My team members were very helpful in assistance; Mr. Je’aime Powell (ECSU), Mrs. Keisha Wilkins (ECSU), and Marlon Pierce (IU). I used Linux (Ubuntu) for the first time and it was quite the experience. I was also introduced to Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP server), and MediaWiki. The objective of the project was to create a documentation server. We had to install those applications and document how we did it. I was responsible for downloading and installing MediaWiki. MediaWiki is the most important part of the documentation because all of the other applications have to be working properly for it to function. We were successful with the documentation server and added a page for each of our separate installation guides.

My goals are to graduate from ECSU and earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with a GPA of 3.5 or above. I would like to attend another college/university to earn a Master’s Degree in the Computer Science field. I plan to narrow down the specific Computer Science field during my last undergraduate year through more research into different universities and with internships. I want to have a wide range of skills in the areas of computer science, computer networking, and related fields before I apply for a job.