Exploring the Migration of the Roanoke Colonists

Authors: Malcom Mathis, Ronesha Lucas and Eunice Smith

Mentors: Dr. Anne Garland, Dr. Malcom LeCompte, Dr. Fransisco San Juan, Mr. Fred Willard and Dr. Lei Zhang

Results (Powerpoint Presentation)
In the duration of our research we have tabulated outcomes displaying elevation, distance, and area measurements using locations off the Eastern Coastal Shores of North Carolina pertaining to IKONOS, LIDAR and SRTM satellite images. The chart above shows various calculations of Croatan (Dare County), Goshen Ridge (Hyde County) and Buck Ridge (Tyrrell). The figure above show a variety of elevations, distances, and areas at potential brumes. Burmes on the IKONOS elevation chart indications range from dark green and grey to a purplish grey color. LIDAR indications range from dark orange to white, and SRTM indications range from light grey to white. The following assumptions articulate the locations of North Carolina Coastal burmes along with precise elevation, distance, and area measurements.