Personal Statement
Personal Statement

I am a rising junior and with my major (Elementary Education), I knew that it would be a busy and an expensive upcoming school year. I would have to start marketing myself at the teacher position. In order for that to happen I would need to give myself an extra boost. What a better way to give myself a boost than by looking for an internship this summer.

Internships are great resume builders and I need an impressive one to market myself and stand out as a black male in today’s society. I was accepted into the Goddard Space Flight Center and The Applied Physics Laboratory internship. I was excited and I thought that it would be real interesting. I am interested in this internship so that I could take full advantage of the opportunity to flourish in my field of study in conjunction with the skills that I acquire from Goddard Space Flight Center and The Applied Physics Laboratory. As an Elementary Education major concentrating in math, it is important that I acquire the science skills to make me a marketable applicant. We use math and science in our daily lives, whether we know it or not. As a teacher I would want to be able to engage in activities with my students where I can incorporate the skills that I’ve learned in this internship with my daily class schedule. With the acceptance into this internship, I know that this esteemed institution will start me on my path to success in life and a fun-filled summer.

If I didn’t receive the internship this summer I would have been working at a retail store as a Security Officer or I would have been working at my mom’s daycare with the children. I would have chosen my mom’s daycare because it would be a better fit for my career goals. I would have gained more experience there because I would have made myself more comfortable with interacting with the children. I would have been teaching them, reading to them, doing arts and crafts, and exercising with them. I also wanted to spend some time this summer on looking for a good school system in where I could teach. I wanted to do some research so I could see what was expected of new teachers in that school system.

Other goals that I’ve had in mind were to do some traveling and begin networking. Nowadays it’s not what you know but who you know. I wanted to get out and meet some of my Fraternity brothers from different areas and build my chain of communication. Also by being in this internship I can get a chance to network there by making friends. You never know they could help me and I could help them. When you get out more you experience more. Life is all about different experiences that you learn from.

My summer is shortened by a little bit because I will be returning to school early because I’m an RA and we must be back to school in order for our training. So this summer I’m going to be gaining a lot of different experiences that would add some diversity to my life. I will be able to incorporate a lot of skills that would help me gain extra knowledge in my life. These are the goals that I will aspire to achieve this summer and I know I will.