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   This research was conducted to process data, from Greenland, that can be use to determine the structure of the ice sheets. The collected data used together with several computer programs to generate a picture that shows the measurements of various Ice Sheets at different intervals. This can tell us if the ice has diminished or if it has stayed in a constant state by providing a clear illustration of the ice and bedrock.

   Data is usually acquired from Antarctica and/or Greenland. The batch of data obtained for this research project was from various areas of Greenland. The depth sounder that was used to gather the data was ACORDS (Advanced COherent Radar Depth Sounder).  The radar can either be mounted on ground rovers or be airborne. For this project, the ACORDS was on the NASA P3 airplane. The amount of data gathered from the flight was very large and had to be processed in two different steps. The results of both procedures of signal processing were several echograms and plot charts that illustrated the depth and bedrock formation.

Research Paper in PDF format can be found here.