Cheniece L. Arthur
Statement of Purpose
            This upcoming fall of 2005 I will be a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Aviation Science. I currently hold a 3.9 GPA and I was awarded the      opportunity to participate in the Undergraduate Research Experience internship at Elizabeth City State University where I also attend school and play for the ECSU      Lady Vikings as a starting guard.
            My love for computers began when I was just in elementary school. As a young student I was drawn to computers and I wanted to learn as much about them as      possible. I realize that computers practically control the world. They are used to store the most basic information to the government’s top knowledge. Computers are a      very popular instrument when communicating with others and developing new technologies.
            In order to enhance my technological knowledge I chose to select a major dealing with computers. In that case I chose the Computer Science major and took up a      minor in Aviation Science because I also have a passion for airplanes. Currently, I am debating if I want to enter the Air Force after I finish school.
            This summer, I was offered to participate in an internship headed by Dr. Linda Hayden. The Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) was quite an experience. At this internship I gained knowledgeable information in Microsoft Windows, UNIX, HTML, C++, Macromedia DreamWeaver and Fireworks. In addition to these computer skills, I was given the opportunity to become certified in CPR and First Aid, as well as Boating.
            Within this internship I was placed in the Dolphin Group where our purpose was to be able to detect Bottlenose dolphins based on sea surface temperature and chlorophyll levels through remote sensing. During our research we were able to collect all our information through helpful websites and other various data.The field work was conducted in the Lower James River and the Elizabeth River to search for dolphins. Unfortunately we did not see any dolphins, but our research is based on the presence and absence of dolphins. Through our research, I learned more in depth about Sea Surface Temperature (SST), Chlorophyll-A, and “Case 1” and “Case 2” water. We depended on these three factors, in order to predict a good time to search for dolphins.
            In closing, this internship experience with Dr. Hayden was remarkable. I was able to learn about several different computer programs and prepare myself for a career in Computer Science. This professional environment provided me with the tools I need for the near future and I am truly appreciative.


"Don't ask for a light load, but rather ask for a strong back."
- unknown