Final Report


Science, Settlement and Remote Sensing: Locating the Remains of the Lost Colony

In the world of science, technology, and national security, remote sensing technology has emerged as a primary tool for retrieving and interpreting geographical data.  Our research project, "Science, Settlement and Remote Sensing" aims to expand the application of remote sensing technology by answering the question:  What happened to the "Lost Colony of Roanoke?"  Our research takes an interdisciplinary approach to this 400 year old question by drawing on a wide-range of primary and secondary sources from history, geography, archaeology, and most importantly remote sensing technology.  Challenging some of the key scholarly assumptions about the fate of the "Lost Colony," we argue that the remnants of the "Lost Colony" can located in Northeast North Carolina.  In particular, our research strongly suggests that final fate of the "Lost Colony" can be traced to Buck Ridge near Roanoke Island.