Dr. Daniel Pauly

Dr. Daniel Pauly is a fisheries biologist and Professor at the Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia (UBC). He is also the Principal Science Adviser of the FishBase Project hosted by the International Centre for Living Aquatic Resource Management (ICLARM). Dr. Pauly has taught fish population dynamics in four languages in: Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America at F.A.O. or university-sponsored courses.
His areas of research are: tropical fisheries management and comparative studies of growth and related processes in wild and cultivated fish. "What I've been trying to do is to help make tropical fisheries research an important part of fisheries science by accounting for the biological differences between tropical and temperate fish, and the socio-economic differences in the fisheries exploiting the stocks". Putting localized research in a broader context is an area which particularly fascinates him: "We need to use the specific to generalize about world wide patterns especially in our time of global changes".
Dr. Pauly has authored, co-authored and co-edited well over 300 scientific articles, reports and books. Two books On the Sex of Fishes and the Gender of Scientist: a Collection of Essays in Fisheries Science (Chapman and Hall, 1994) and Méthodes pour l'évaluation des ressources halieutiques (Cépaduès-Éditions, 1997) summarizes much previous work, as does his articles on the "Primary Production Required to Sustain Global Fisheries Catches" (Nature March 16, 1995), and "Fishing Down Marine Food Webs (Science, February 6, 1998).

Paula Harrell, URE OMS Research Student