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Flood Zone Modeling Team Abstract

Title: Charles Creek Flood Zone Modeling: A Correlation Study of Environmental Conditions Versus Water Level in the Pasquotank Watershed

Members: Lekedrick J.Easley, Nartezya T.Dykes
Mentor: Je'aime Powell, Jerome Mitchell
Key Words: Floods;Atmospheric Modeling; Image Processing; Remote Sensing; Regression Analysis

The Charles Creek area in Elizabeth City, NC experiences frequent flood conditions seemingly unrelated to rain fall amounts. The purpose of this study is to compare barometric pressures, lunar cycles, wind directions and wind speeds with water depth readings of Charles Creek (a tributary of the Pasquotank River). A static remote imaging system will be used to measure water depth through pixel enumeration and referencing through remote sensing techniques coupled with custom image processing software. Environmental data will be collected through Elizabeth City State University's National Renewable Energy Laboratory Weather Monitoring Station. The data will then be correlated using MINITAB (R) to find an equation that will approximate a model of the rise of the creek water level based upon environmental conditions.