Professional Statement

My name is Kiara T. Jones, and I am from Richmond, Virginia. Growing up I always had a great interest in science and math. As a child, I always thought becoming a teacher within one of those fields. My junior year of high school I took my first chemistry course, which I really enjoyed and was good at. From then on, I knew that chemistry was the path I wanted to take. What made me love this field the most was the math and labs that it involved.

I am currently a sophomore attending St. Augustine’s College, which is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. I am double majoring in chemistry and forensic science. As of now, I plan to be able to take what I learn and work for a federal agency as a forensic investigator. I know for sure that I ultimately want to pursue a career in either one of those paths. However, I am open to change as I continue to explore the different careers in these fields. Saint Augustine’s College has provided me with great opportunities so far. I entered the school as a Presidential Scholarship recipient and member of the Honors Scholar program. I have attended leadership workshops and various seminars on and off campus. Also, I have attended the 3rd Annual Interdisciplinary Research Day at Bennett College of Women and the 7th Annual Interdisciplinary Day held at my school. During the research day at Bennett, they offered many different workshops. Some of the workshops included how to manage time, reading skills, and graduate school. I took away a lot of valuable information on that day. Before seeing these presentations I didn’t know exactly what research was, but afterwards I was motivated to want to do research one day myself.

For the summer of 2010 I was accepted into the Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean, Marine, and Polar Science, under the mentorship of Dr. Malcolm LeCompte at Elizabeth City State University. The title of our research is “Survey of Post LGM Environment.” Our research included analyzing soil samples taken from Rockyhock Bay to provide evidence supporting the possibility of an extraterrestrial impact that took place about 13,000 years ago. I’ve learned many things such as how to operate a scanning electron microscope (SEM), and how to extract impact markers from soil samples throughout my experience. Other experience I’ve gained by being in this program is in various computer programs, boating, swimming, and GPS.

After college I plan to extend my education by attending graduate school. Before I can take that step, I have to first gain all knowledge and experience at the undergraduate level by participating in future internship and research programs. Therefore, I will take advantage of all opportunities that are available to me so that I can achieve my future goals.