Summer 2010 Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean, Marine, and Polar Science
Elizabeth City State University
Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909

Generation of Titanic Prime Numbers Through High Performance Computing Infrastructure
Mentor: Mr. Je'aime Powell
[Team Web Page]

The focus of the project was to generate a titanic prime number by using high performance computing resources. What makes prime numbers significant is their use in modern computers for the encryption of data. The generation of primes are particularly computing intensive the larger the prime. This makes titanic primes (thousand digit prime numbers) a perfect candidate for distribution through grid infrastructure. In order for the demands of the project to be met, a prime number generator had to be created. Multiple computer languages such as Javascript, Java, and C++ were tested for use in an attempt to develop a generator. Functionality was verified first through the terminal and then by job submission to Elizabeth City State University’s VikeGrid (a Condor based computer cluster). Overall, the results indicated the successes of the project and the improvements needed for continued work.