Professional Statement

My lifelong dream has always been to become a person that deals with computers. I also believe that this is a form of job security because the world will always be dependent on technology. Technology is instituted into almost everything in this century. So I chose the path of information science to further my learning of technology and to accomplish my goals. One of my short-term goals, is to develop methods for the production of software systems. While attending MVSU, as a result of my coursework, there have been several scientific programs developed, such as the tip calculator, checking account inquiries, and math tutors. The process is very interesting and time consuming, but enjoyable. It gets frustrating sometimes but giving up is not an option. A wise person once told me that nothing good comes easily. So everyday my main objective is to work hard and to reach the top not only by making good grades, but communicating with others and learning the importance of teamwork.

In the summer 2009, I attended the Undergraduate Research Experience in Ocean, Marine and Polar Science program at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. As a member of the oceanography team, we have collected water samples from different locations, tested pH levels on liquids, and also tested formulas by prominent authors. Dr. Jinchun Yuan, a distinguished oceanographer at Elizabeth City State University, mentors our team. He was a great advisor and a large asset to the team’s research. The program has provided the opportunity to learn various things, such as Dreamweaver, CPR Training, swimming, digital camera, and boating safety. My knowledge has been expanded while attending this program.

My future plans are to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in computer science. Next on my agenda is to attend graduate school and receive my master’s degree. Through the inspiration of my department chair, once I have received my master's degree my next objective will be to obtain my Ph.D. I would prefer to do software developing and obtain a career with the government. I would also like to teach, on the university level, students who have also chosen the path that I have traveled.
Mississippi Valley State University