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My primary reason for attending college and majoring in Biology and Chemistry is to pursue a career in pharmacy. I chose to pursue pharmacy, because I felt that it was my earnest way in giving back to my community. When it comes to the subject of contributions, No job in the medical field is done unless the world was perfect. Aside from my long-term career goals, I enjoy chemistry and pharmaceutical work as research interests. I believe that my future success would increase tremendously if I were to receive initial research training before I embark on graduate school.

Initially, education has to be used efficiently with the proper training. Endless opportunities would be present if I was accepted into a prestigious research program. Passionately, I do not view being a pharmacist as just a career; moreover, I see a pharmacist's job equivalently important to a prestigious surgeon or physician. I plan on having a bright and successful future in pharmacy; therefore, I believe it is imperative to have a strong training foundation to perform my job proficiently. I feel that graduate school seems so far away, but a person can prepare for it effectively if given the opportunity to participate in a summer program.

Training is essential in honing in on certain strong points when dealing with a career. For example, I know that I have a strong point in chemistry and mathematics. Before I embarked on college, for example, I received recognition for first place and specialty honors in local and regional science fairs; moreover, I continued my credentials when I obtained outstanding performances in the field of physics and advanced mathematics in a summer program called the Natural Science Foundation for Historically Black Colleges and Universities Summer Program (NSF-HBCU-SP) at my current college after I graduated. I am continuing my success by eagerly seeking internships that will broaden my horizons. Being in the Undergraduate Research Experience in the Ocean, Marine, & Polar Sciences program was a great experience due to the fact that new experiences awaited me as an accustomed college student from Mississippi. As a member of the Younger Dryas Impact Team, I was exposed to a different means of science. Working as a part of a team, I realized that I had more potential than normally anticipated. Discovering your strong points is something that determines what a person wants to do.

Lastly, strong points can help determine research interests. From my experience, I know that taking high levels of science and math classes in high school prepared me for rigorous courses in college. I believe it is more than experience that drives me; moreover, I can say that it is passion and devotion toward my desired goal. I feel that I should take an interest in researching certain drugs due to the numerous drugs on the market that tend to be fatal for medication users. I think that education is more than just a research program, because one can be educated from anything from school to just a simple mentor that single-handedly guides a student. If I was in that given situation the pressure would be put solely on the student to get the work done, because one has to take responsibility for his or her actions when trying to be accepted in a research program.