As a young African American male in computer science I have studied the C++ and the java programming languages. I attend Mississippi Valley State University where the professors have guided me through my field of study. Through my three years of study I have maintained a 3.2 grade point average. My name is Camden Hearn and I am a junior majoring in computer science.

During the summer of 2007 I participated in the Undergraduate Research Experience at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina. I was a member of the Polar Grid Team, which consisted of five members. Our project was to design and build a Linux, Apache, MySql, and Php (L.A.M.P.) documentation server on a Condor based system.

I am attending another internship at Elizabeth City State University where I am completing the second part of the project that was started during the summer of 2007. My team will attempt to understand and help professional programmers construct a web portal that will link to the Polar Grid being established by Indiana University and Elizabeth City State University. After this internship I will return to Mississippi Valley State University where I will try to replicate the project.

Once I have completed college I plan to attend graduate school where I will acquire my masters in computer science. After I have completed my masters I intend to obtain a job as a computer programmer.