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Tuesday, February 12, 2013 :: Research and STEM Education I
Stem Session I Stem Session II

STEM Session I
Presiding: Dr. Edmond Koker

Justin Deloatch - Developing Research Opportunities with HubZero
Marc Robinson - HubZero in Education, Tennessee Technical University

STEM Session II
Presiding: Dr. Harry Bass
NSF HBCU-UP Program Panel-ECSU Principal Investigators
Dr. Eyalem Adebe
Dr. Adela Adedeji 


  Research Week 2013
Research Week 2013
Research Week 2013

Dr. Ali Khan, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dr. Harry Bass, Dean
School of Mathematics, Science and Technology
401 Jimmy R. Jenkins Science Center Campus Box 970 :: Phone: 335-3913 Fax: 335-3664

Dr. Linda Hayden, Director, Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research
Room 119 Lane Hall, Campus Box 672, Elizabeth City State University :: Phone: 335-3696 Fax: 335-3790