The Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education & Research 
The goal of CERSER is to develop and implement innovative and relevant research collaboration focused on ice sheet, coastal, ocean, and marine research.

NIA is the central point of entry for several research programs at Elizabeth City State University.

The Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets 
CReSIS is a Science and Technology Center established by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2005, with the mission of developing new technologies and computer models to measure and predict the response of sea level change to the mass balance of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. National Science Foundation The National Science Foundation is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense…"

United States Department of Education/Instruction
The mission of the Department of Education is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. 

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction 
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is the agency charged with implementing the State's public school laws and the State Board of Education's policies and procedures governing pre-kindergarten through 12th grade public education. The elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction heads the Department and functions under the policy direction of the State Board of Education. The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) developed the Standard Course of Study which describes the subjects and course content that should be taught in North Carolina public schools and develops the assessments and accountability model used to evaluate school and district success.

Elizabeth City Middle School
A Learning Organization focused on students and on providing students with challenging experiences that result in their learning at high levels.

Elizabeth City State University 
Elizabeth City State University is an HBCU in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. It was founded in 1891 and the current president of the university is Dr. Willie Gilchrist.

ECSU Math and Computer Science Department

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has a multifaceted mission: To offer undergraduate degree programs and minors in Mathematics and Computer Science; to teach General Education courses as well as math and computer science courses required by other academic departments; to offer graduate degree program in Mathematics with Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching, and Remote Sensing concentrations; to foster scholarly activities among both faculty and students; and to seek external funding.

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