Title:The Utilization of Polar Grid Resources to Analyze, Process, and Display Data from the National Data Buoy Center

Team Members: Bryce Carmichael, Lee Godley III, Diaminatou Goudiaby, Unquiea Wade
Team Mentor: Dr. Eric Akers
Key Words: GNUPlot, Condor, Super computing, CReSIS, Java, Data allocation

This project presents an example of a real world problem with data collection and processing. In order to solve this dilemma, cluster research was conducted to construct a model to serve as a base for a super computing pool, allocating data to a central location, and examining the data from the National Data Buoy Center. The model serves as a standard for solving real world problems using resources such as Condor, which utilizes two computer laboratories on Elizabeth City State University’s campus. In order to standardize the model, major components must be accessed using Condor. These components include the allocation of data to a central location, the access of data from that location, the distribution of various jobs to both the laboratory and cluster computers, and the automatic installation of GNUPlot onto a computer.