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Fifteen years ago, the Undergraduate Research Computer Lab located in115 Lester Hall consisted of daisy chained Apple Macintosh computer network. At that time research mentors thought if students are going to work on research projects during the spring and fall semesters not just during the summer research program, specific software and hardware to support the programs goals must be acquired and implemented.

The solution was to install SGI UNIX hosts along with a suite of UNIX and Macintosh business applications and tools that students can use to explore two and three dimensional computer based simulations when collecting research data, creating research papers, and using academic software to enhance their research skills.

Over the past fourteen years, the Undergraduate Research Computer Lab has expanded from a single LAN into three segmented TCP/IP star based LANs tied together via the ECSU backbone which consists of managed switches that extend into each campus building d-marc. Two of the LANs are located in Lester Hall room 115 and 116 and the third LAN is located in Dixon Hall in room 216. Each LAN consists of a mixture of 15 UNX, 28 Macintosh, 40 Windows PCs, eight printers, and one video teleconference host. Within Lester Hall room 116 two IBM Windows 2003 server hosts are used as web servers, nia.ecsu.edu and cerser.ecsu.edu, for the Undergraduate Research Program to communicate with its business partners, mentors, and researches. Also located within room 115 is a Macintosh G4 OS X server used as a Primary Domain Controller for 23 Macintosh G3 hosts. Also, in the third office located in Dixon Hall, room 216, is one Tera Scan UNIX server which is used to download satellite images from a NASA satellite for analysis by students in the Undergraduate Research Remote Sensing Education program. Within each office hosts communicate with one another and the public using two transmission mediums, Ethernet Category 5e and wireless 802.11b/g adapters.

The vision for the project is for the network team to wipe the slate clean and redesign the network based on the University of North Carolina Academic Computing Model. The network team goal for the 2006-2007 research programs is to take a fresh look at the Undergraduate Research Computer Lab network to make fully functional and secure.



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