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My name is Reginald Kelley and I am a freshman majoring in computer science at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. I recently graduated from Camden County High School in Camden County, North Carolina.  

My reason for choosing to major in computer science was because programming and other fields of computer science are impressive things to learn. The great thing about the computer science field is the many uses and opportunities they give you. Over the summer I attended a transportation program that also had a focus on computer science. During this portion of the program we were shown how programming could operate different devices. After the program I did deeper research into the computer science field and sought input from family members. From the information that I gathered, choosing computer science as my major was the most logical choice for me.

To aid me and help push me further throughout my journey through college; I have been accepted into the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) program, overseen by Dr. Linda B. Hayden. The CERSER program is a research program that also pushes its members to further their experience by gaining internships, and also furthering their education by pushing them to enter their graduate studies. With the aid of this program I will pursue my degrees, learn all the tools, and gain the experience needed to obtain a career in the computer science field.