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My name is Daquan Rascoe, I am a freshman at Elizabeth City State University majoring in computer science. By attending an early college I was introduced to college courses at a young age. I feel that this has helped me in an extreme manner by helping me to adapt and adjust to the intensity of college courses so that I would be a college ready student.

Now as a college student I have found a fascination in computer science and technology. I am in training to learn about computers and their programming throughout the CERSER scholarship program. I have always loved computers and other sources of technology, which is precisely why I chose to major in the field of computer science. During my 2015-2016-college experience I attended the IEEE GRSS joint meeting at NC State University. In addition, I also participated in the ADMI 2016 conference. At this conference, my fellow colleague and I presented our research poster on finding a better video conferencing solution.  Throughout the team’s research, various sources of video conferencing software were tested and evaluated based on a set of criteria to help determine the best video conferencing solution.

After college I plan to attend graduate school and acquire a master’s degree in computer science. In the future, I wish to obtain a career in the field of computer science. With obtaining my master’s degree I plan to work for an organization or company that specializes in computer science that can direct my computer skills to promote more computer programming among under represented groups in the stem field.