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My name is Hagen Hodgkins. I was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I am a freshman at Elizabeth City State University with a major in computer science with a scientific concentration. Since a young age I have enjoyed using computers and other forms of technology such as entertainment systems. However it was my love of science fiction books and movies that drove me to pursue knowledge in computers further.

To advance my knowledge of computers early I completed digital design and Microsoft certification classes at Camden County High School. During that time I learned about image editors and what could be accomplished with them along with rudimentary coding skills and website design. In my first semester at Elizabeth city State University I was able to take part in the Center of Excellence for Remote Sensing Program in which I was able to vastly expand my knowledge of computer programs and coding in different languages as part of the training program that was offered by CERSER to prepare me for a role in one of the research teams.

In the next few years, I plan to take part in internships and strive to further my education in the computer science field, while taking what I have done while in CERSER as a base for the application of my skills. After I graduate, I will pursue an occupation in the aerospace field in the hopes of developing the future programs of satellites and spacecraft.