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My name is Ravon Reid and I am currently a undergraduate attending Elizabeth City State University. I'm from Fayetteville, North Carolina where I was raised by my father for most of the important parts of my life. I am pursing my undergraduate degree majoring in Computer information science. With previous hands on experience with computers and other electronic devices; I realized that I should pursue a career in this area. I've chosen Computer Information Science because taking apart such devices are very interesting and a challenge to me at the same time.

I am blessed to a part of the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing and Education Research (CERSER) program led by Dr. Linda B. Hayden. Dr. Leo Edwards made this opportunity possible by giving Dr. Hayden the information needed to get started with the process. During this program I will develop the skills to better my knowledge with advanced technology and as an individual in the work force. Previously, I've done work with my dad working on vehicles, housing, and general maintenance. While on my own time I experimented with taking apart electronic devices such as cellular phones, game consoles, and computers. I have an understanding of how the components and motherboard platforms function, as well as operate.

As I continue to pursue my degree I hope to encounter many internships and workshops to interact with other people in the same job force. These opportunities are an advantage to explore different areas and experience new forms of ideas to increase knowledge. Eventually I would like to have a career working with a huge corporation such as Microsoft, Google, Sony, etc. I prefer to work hands on creating new hardware or advancing previous devices to make them better for the next big technology advancement.