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Professional Statement

Hello my name is Alicia Reynolds. I am originally from Havelock, North Carolina. I am a freshman Mathematics major, Education minor at Elizabeth City State University, which is located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

When I first started learning Algebra in middle school I knew math would be my favorite subject because I knew how to solve problems by memorizing and applying the appropriate formulas. I also credit my ability to understand math concepts to the many stellar teachers I have had in the past. Moreover, the teachers I have had the privilege to learn from were a big factor in my deciding to become a teacher myself. My sophomore year in high school is when I began to show my potential to be a good teacher. Many of my classmates struggled to understand the course work in our pre-calculus class. Not only did I understand, I was able to present the material to them in a way they could comprehend. This brought me great joy. Because of my love of math and teaching, I take great pride in my ability to help others learn. I know that I have a gift when it comes to teaching; therefore, it is my responsibility to share this gift with the world.

With this being my first semester of college I am primarily focused on my general studies courses. I am currently enrolled in Freshman Honors Seminar, Biology and Biology Lab, Introduction to Computer Technology, World Civilization I, English Composition and Grammar Honors, and Art Appreciation. I am also a member of the Honors Program at Elizabeth City State University, as well as the CERSER Program. I am certain my involvement in these programs is essential to my reaching the goals I have set. Through these programs I will receive the kind of exposure I need to develop my skills so I will be at the top of my class in 2016.

My greatest goal for myself in life is to become a math educator and help students reach their full potential in the classroom. I believe that the best way to achieve this goal is to stay in school and obtain my masters and doctoral degrees.  I know that in order to be the best I must be well-educated, and I am prepared to do all the work that earning a top grade education will require.