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Professional Statement

 My name is Derek Morris Jr. I'm a freshmen attending Elizabeth City State University. I was born and raised in Portsmouth Virginia. The major that I have chosen is Computer Science, but at this time I currently do not have a minor. But I am a certified welder and marine electric. Ever since I was at the age of 15 I enjoy using computers. I never really had a computer when I was younger but I put my hands on a computer every opportunity that came my way.

For the next three years, I plan to take advantage of the every opportunity that Elizabeth City State University has to offer. For instance, I am an active member of the Center of Remote Sensing Education and Research Program (CERSER). I have learned valuable information toward my career such as Linux and Mac OS X, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop C23, and GPS. As a participant of CERSER I hope to gain more knowledge of computer hardware, software and other technique surrounding computers technology.

After I graduate, I plan to further my education by obtaining my master’s degree followed by my PhD in Computer Science. In the near future I hope to work for a successful computer company that will allow me to perform my skills and help create educational software for our next generation.