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Professional Statement

My name is Courtney Michell Farmer and I am from Hampton, Virginia. I am a sophomore here at Elizabeth City State University, which is located in Elizabeth City, NC.

I am the first one to graduate from high school and to attend college in my household. My ambition is for me to be preparing myself to do everything I need to do to achieve my master in Mathematics, and later achieve a doctorate degree.  I am majoring in mathematics with a minor in education. This is the best major for me because I know I can make a difference in students, while helping them as my teachers helped me. Currently has a second semester sophomore, CERSER is helping me prepare and become a more rounded person in the professional stand point.

 After graduating from Elizabeth City State University with an baccalaureate degree in Mathematics, I would like to give back to my community and teach in my hometown of Hampton, Virginia. I have always and will continue to dream big and work hard to achieve my goals of graduating from ECSU with my degree and using it to the best of my ability and achieve them. I have a passion and drive to make better students. I know that I would do my job well as expected. My main goal is to make students from all life circumstances and in every community attain the potential to thrive, grow, and learn from my teaching. I will be a role model and change students from going down the wrong path. I will try to make a normally unpopular subject like Math appealing to all youth.  I feel that education is the most valuable and precious thing that one can want.