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 My name is Andrew Brumfield and I am a senior at Elizabeth City State University. My major is Engineering Technology with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering. Having experience with computers, cars, and recent scientific breakthroughs in the last decade has grown my curiosity for how tools used in everyday projects came to be. I decided to pursue a degree in Engineering because I truly have a passion for being creative. Math, physics, electrical, robotics, and machine design are the main focuses in the curriculum.
 I have had extensive training in Linux, C++ programing, TeraScan, and Computer Aided Design (CAD) throughout my years at the University through class research projects and research project's with the Center of Excellence for Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER). At ECSU I have completed a research project for walking directions on the campus of ECSU. Our mentor Mr. Je'aime Powell (ECSU GRID Manager) and group members Justin M. Deloatch, Nyema Barmore, and Michael Austin created a web application for walking directions that can be obtained via mobile devices. The Team used Google mapmaker to produce walking paths. The project includes HTML5 programming which referenced a database that housed information such as location, building establishment date, academic departments, and academic programs. The information was then compiled using a PHP Hypertext Processor (PHP) form to populate a MySQL database. HTML5 coupled with PHP programming was then used to render a mobile web page with both map and database information. The Google Maps Application Programming Interface was then used to generate Uniform Resource Locator's to both retrieve user Global Positioning System coordinates and create walking directions to selected locations. This was a fun project and I learned how to perform professional research and programing.
 I was ecstatic when another opportunity for research was offered to me in the summer of 2012. Autumn Luke and I spent two weeks in Poway, California to receive training on SeaSpace's corporations TeraScan system and develop a research topic Titled “Analyze Long-Term Summer Drought Effects Using Aqua-1 Satellite Data”. My mentors Mr. Je'aime Powell and Karen Friedman Dubey (Staff Scientist / Business Development at SeaSpace) have been of great importance. The skills obtained were applied to create both Land-Surface Temperature (LST) and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) products and see if there is a correlation between the two in the Northeastern plains of Pasquotank and Gates counties.
 In the Engineering department at ECSU, with Akbaras Eslami (Professor) as mentor, I developed a strength analysis of an AC-130 engine dolly was conducted using standard techniques and CAD software. This project is in conjunction with U.S Coast Guard. They have provided specifications for the dolly to be designed to be able to support the weight of the plane engine to allow technicians to perform maintenance. The dolly frame must be designed with a certain type of material to insure it holds the engine at the required safety factor. Our plan is to use traditional methods of stress analysis, and compare those calculations to the CAD simulation and present the best design.
 My professional goal is to attend graduate school for engineering and remote sensing. I also would like to expand research in remote sensing techniques for and urbanized farming that is automatic and that utilizes green energy technology. Such as solar panels and thermal energy generators to help provide clean free energy. Since engineering is my basic foundation I have the ability to research any project to implement the use of unmanned automated vehicles (UAV's) and green technologies in the Future.