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Professional Statement


      I became interested in computer science when an alumnus of North Carolina State University came to my school and informed the honor seventh grade students about the shortage of minorities in the computer science field. I have felt compelled since then to make it a goal to become a computer scientist. I have also been working to the best of my ability in completing this goal since that day.

       After my Master's degree in computer science following my four-year Bachelor's degree. I also plan to graduate with a minor in mathematics. Working through the Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing Education Research program, hopefully, this goal will become true soon in my future. Under the direction of Dr. Linda Hayden through CERSER, I have participated in training and research opportunities. The training was helpful in broadening my horizon about computers and other related topics. Mrs. Kiesha Wilkins led several training classes associated with satellite imagery, in the Fall of 2007. We used satellite images online to determine the differences between grass, trees, buildings and roads. Mr. Je'aime Powell led training classes about Linux and Unix in the Fall of 2008. We created word documents and learned how to operate on different Linux platforms. I was also a student teacher in the Macintosh training. Students were taught the components of the iMac computers, and help them find other information about the system components. In the summer of 2008 Darlette Meekins led training classes in Geographical Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems. We used the Arc Map and Arc Catalog to model different scenes according to a worksheet. I have also been in several training activities under Mr. Jeffery Wood in digital camera training. The training consisted of taking perfect pictures according to different sunlight conditions, heights, camera settings and angles.

       As a Junior, I have had ample opportunities involving research. In the Spring semester of 2008, I was given the chance to go and present my research at the University of New Hampshire. My team member and I presented a poster on the Polycom PVX software and Polycom 8000VSX teleconferencing systems. This was in support of the main polar grid project's goal to travel to Greenland and collect data. I have also been given the opportunity to be involved on the Remote Sensing team this past summer in the Undergraduate Research Experience internship. We modeled beach erosion using video imaging supported by prior research from the Field Research Facility in Duck, North Carolina. Entering my second semester sophomore year as a member of the Polar Grid team. We developed our own 64 node cluster. for the data collected on a recent trip to Greenland, by my mentor Mr. Je'aime Powell and his fellow associates.

       This past Summer of 2009 I participated in an internship in Lawerence, Kansas. This internship was the CReSIS Research Experience for Undergraduates. The primary goal of this research was to automate the process of ice sheet thickness estimation. Previously this process took around forty-five minutes per file. Now after the development of the edge-based and active-contour programs, from my team's research, it takes approximately 1 to 2 1/2 minutes per file. This enormous amount of saved time can now be allotted to different more important task. This CReSIS internship was definitely the most fulfilling internship research experience I have completed thus far. I look forward to participating in many more opportunities, which will further develop my education.