NOAA Fishery Services
Northeast Region Habitat Conservation Divison
2008 NOAA Northeastern Fishery Services - May-June 08 Monthly Highlight - July-Aug 08 Monthly Highlight

A Comparative Study of Energy Usage by American and Japan, Over the Last Ten Years”
Elizabeth City State University - 2008 National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) Summer Research Institute- [team website]- Powerpoint - Poster Presentation

A Multiple Linear Regression of pCO2 against Sea Surface Temperature, Salinty, and Chorophyll at station BAST and its Potenial for Estimate pCO2 from Satellite Data
2007-2008 Oceanogarphy Team- [team website]
GIS Web Application Development Team
2007 URE OMS - [team website]
Micro Study of Water Quality of Elizabeth City’s Drinking Wells
2006 - 2007 Water Quality Team - Abstract - Full Report in PDF Format
Estimating Antarctic Firn Average Emissivity Trends at the Ski Hi Automatic Weather Station
2006 URE OMS - Abstract - Full Report in PDF Format
Automated Approach of Cataloguing TeraScan Images utilizing Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) Data 2005-2006 Multimedia Research Team - Abstract - Full Report in PDF Format