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My name is Serenity Faith Pender and I am from Wilson, North Carolina. I am attending Elizabeth City State University, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Information Technology. My passion for years has always been computers. During my academic years in high school I took various computer courses that intrigued me and sparked my curiosity in various aspects of computers. By the end of my senior year I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in Computer Science due to society’s widespread usage and dependence on technology.

I have many goals and ambitions that I plan on pursuing while attending Elizabeth City State University. I plan on receiving as much valuable experience as I can during the academic year and also through the (CERSER) Center of Excellence for Remote Sensing Education and Research Program. Participation in the CERSER program, will assist me in enriching my overall knowledge of computers. Learning this vital information will broaden my horizons and prepare me for my future endeavors.

My plans while I am here at Elizabeth City State University are to acquire many summer research internships to get experience in Computer Science and graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science. Upon graduation in May 2012, my goal is to obtain a Masters degree in Computer Science. With all of the training and experiences I expect to receive, I look forward to becoming a Computer Scientist that focuses on research, development, and technological innovations.

1704 Weeksville Road Campus Box 207-A V.V.
Elizabeth City, NC 27909